10 Th Foundation Classes

We at Bright Career Institute provide and environment where the best students in Kashmir Valley get together, learn and compete with each other. We believe in teaching student to solve multiple, diverse problems related to the topic being taught. The student who are able to resolve the problem taught is school, or resolve a similar problem with different numbers, might not have a deep understanding of the concept. While this might be sufficient to excel in school exams, clearing national and international level exams requires a deeper understanding that can come through solving multiple and harder problems that aren’t in textbooks. Our holistic learning approach ensures the success/improvement of students of class  10th in their school exams, boards . The periodic tests at are planned in such a manner which evaluates the profundity of students’ learning and the multidimensional analysis reports of the test give a microscopic feedback to student on areas or subjects which need to be worked upon and improved. Along with the school level studies, students are thus geared up for competitive examinations . The goal of the program is to get students understand the concepts, are able to apply them on complex problems and are able to compete at the national level. The program will also help you in 10th & 12th Boards & also prepare you for Board and Other Scholastic