Code Of Conduct

The BCI defines some Protocols which need to be adhered to. The following rules have been laid down:

Uniform: The students are not bound to attend the BCI in proper uniform. 

Timings: all the student from BCi are supposed to attend the class on there proper timings as per there Timetables . The BCI develops the timetable in such a manner and ensuring it that there wont be any time clashes with the timings of different schools in Srinagar.

Attendance: Students have to ensure punctuality in the attending their classes. A continuous unauthorized absence of ten days from any class shall make a student liable for discharge from the BCI. a fine of rupees five for each missed class shall be imposed. Only those students shall be allowed to sit in the class Tests  who attend at least 75% of lectures in each subject. 

Mobile phones: The students are prohibited to bring their mobile phones in the BCI.

Smoking: Smoking or any other related activity is strictly prohibited in the Institute.

Identity Cards: They students are required to carry their I-cards with them. They will be allowed to enter the BCI only on the presentation of  the I-Card to the security staff of the BCI.